Some Notes When Using Mattresses in The Summer

Because mattress can support back pain, so many families still use it in the summer. However, using improperly can lead to many problems. Firstly, hot weather makes people uncomfortable; secondly, bacteria grow to pollute and affect health.

Therefore, you need to have the necessary knowledge to use the mattress in the summer better.

Some Notes When Using Mattresses in The Summer

Many families use the same type of mattress for the winter; summer and improper use lead to many health and hygiene problems. It would help if you remembered that there are two criteria that you cannot forget when choosing summer cushions.

1. Ensure air permeability

Not all types of mattresses can be used in the summer; only some of them have a well-designed, breathable structure that can help us in hot weather.

Currently, spring cushions, rubber, activated carbon cushions, are the types of mattresses that many people prefer to use because of their high ventilation.

2. Reasonable elasticity

When choosing a summer cushion, you not only care about the coolness, the material of the mattress, but also the flexibility of the pillow.

Lying on a mattress that is too soft makes the spine bend in an arc, ligaments and spine joints are overloaded. So, this product causes spinal pain in the elderly, and affecting pregnant women and kids.

So, which type of cushion is best?

Of all the products on the market, spring cushions are the most suitable. It has separate structures, more space inside, and offers more ventilation. Besides, with spring blocks made of stainless steel material, it can withstand heavy weight and ensure durability over time.

Spring mattress

However, the Spring cushions also suffer from an uneven elasticity, it will affect your lying position. Therefore, when choosing to buy spring mattresses should pay attention to the quality, should choose genuine products. Notably, you should not select the spring cushion has settlement too deep because the high elasticity will reduce the air permeability of the buffer.

In addition to spring mattresses, rubber gaskets are also quite famous recently. This product has ventilation holes to help you relax while lying down. While it is not as good as a spring mattress, these are also a great option in the summer, and you should consider buying it.

Using Mats To Spread The Cushion

In the summer, many families overcome hot sleep by putting extra cool cloths on the mattress surface. This product is a perfect solution because the mat can reduce the temperature, create cool when using.

However, if you choose Spring cushions, you should not select brittle mats to ensure to ensure durable carpets over time.

Cleaning Mattresses Regularly In The Summer

Hot weather, sweating is a favorable condition for harmful bacteria to grow, affecting the health of users. Besides, excessive sweating leads to an unpleasant odor. So, during the summer, you should clean the mattress more often.

For padding covers, you can clean by washing machine or regular hand washing to remove bacteria. With cotton products, you should dry them. However, if you use a spring or rubber cushion, do not expose it to high temperatures because high temperatures will destroy the structure and reduce the strength of the buffer. These products need to be cleaned by specialized methods such as baking soda or clean with a vacuum cleaner.


The mattress not only helps to keep warm but also protects the body’s skeletal system, creating a smooth, pleasant sleep. So, You should use cushions in both winter and summer.

When choosing a cushion in the summer, you should choose the spring mattress. You can use the cooling mat on the mattress to reduce the temperature and creating more comfort for users. Besides, it would be best if you cleaned the mattress regularly to avoid bacteria affecting users’ health.

Note, choose a reputable location to ensure you always buy the best products.