How To Keep The Bedroom Clean?

It seems that there are many people who rarely have time to clean up the bedroom because they have to go to work and go to school all day. Don’t worry, just develop these following good habits frequently and you can turn your own bedroom into a neat and cozy place that you can chill out and relieve stress whenever you come home.

Pick Up The Clothes On The Floor And On The Bed

The clothes thrown on the floor, on the bed and draped over the chairs will make the room messy. It’s time to rearrange your clothes in the room and divide them into two types of dirty and clean clothes. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Then, fold and store clean clothes. These simple steps can help your room become more organized.

Clean The Desk Regularly

A bedroom desk is a gathering place for messy things, because it’s where you read, do homework and use the computer. Here are the steps to clean the desks:

  • Clean up paperwork: Pick up all papers, pieces of notes and other kinds of paper scattered around the room. 
  • Sort paper: Sort and store documents in the binder, file folders or small drawers. Dispose of useless paper. Re-using paper is also a nice idea.
  • Arrange stationery: Clean pens, pencils and other stationery. Then put them into the cup, pen storage box or drawer.
  • Arrange books: Rearrange books and magazines that are so haphazard. Bring useless magazines and papers to the recycling place. 

Clean The Windows And Mirrors

Use washing water or fluid consisting of  a quarter of vinegar and three quarters spray on the mirror. Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe the mirror. Do the same with all the windows and the dirty dusty picture frames in the room.

Do Not Eat In The Bedroom

Food in the bedroom will attract insects, causing stains and crumbs scattered everywhere. This habbit also leads to the dishes and cups piled in the room. So you should avoid bringing the food into the bedroom, and eat in the kitchen instead,even snacks. If you eat in the room, you need to bring all the dishes, food and leftovers to the kitchen.

Hanging Your Clothes Up When You Get Home

A lot of people prefer to wear comfortable clothes when returning home after a long day at school or work. When you change your clothes, make sure you hang your coat up and throw dirty clothes into the basket. After a long day, perhaps you just want to throw the coat or clothes on the floor or bed. But if you want to keep your room clean and neat, you have to put your clothes in the right place.

Create To-do Lists On A Daily Basis

Keep the room clean also means creating good habits, and there are some things you should do regularly. You can make a list of daily tasks and stick it on somewhere that’s easy to see. Spend every 10 minutes each day to complete this mission. These things include:

  • Clean the bed
  • Put the clothes into the wardrobe
  • Arrange toys, papers and other items
  • Take out the garbage

Put The Garbage Can In The Room

Garbage is always the cause of a dirty room. To prevent this, you should put the dustbin in the room near the bed or desk and make sure you throw trash in it instead of throwing it away. Whenever the trash can is full, please take it out and let the garbage truck gather it.

Sell Unused Things

One of the factors that makes the bedroom a mess is keeping too many things. To prevent this situation, you had better check everything including clothing, toys, accessories and other items to determine which items should be kept, which items should be sold, or thrown away.

To decide what to keep and what to remove, please review the items that you do not wear or use within the past one year. If there are any items you haven’t touched in the past year, you probably won’t regret throwing them away. Some appropriate items to make donations include clothes, toys, shoes and books. Just throw away things that have been broken or unable to be reused or recycled.

Do Not Delay The Cleaning

If you do not clean up just a few days, your to-do list will pile up. Before you realize that, your room is a mess again, and in front of you is not a simple task. When you schedule a daily or weekly cleanup, you need to follow the schedule strictly to ensure you make a good habit.  If for some reason there’s a day you can not clean up, you need to complete it as soon as possible the next day to get the job done.


Cleaning your bedroom will not be a difficult and time-consuming task if you follow these steps above. Turn your bedroom into a truly comfortable place whenever you step into the room.